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Frequently Asked Questions

mTimeCard – the easiest time tracking clock in online solution

mTimeCard is a time tracking service that lets small business easily track employee hours and time attendance. It is specially developed to meet the requirements of organizations that have a small number of employees and a relatively low volume of sales like convenient stores, bakeries, cafeterias and many more. It lets easily make clocking in and clocking out of any employee.

How can I start using mTimeCard clock in software?

It is easy to sign up and start monitor employee clock in and clock out. The manager sets up a work site, then adds the employees and allocates the job, scheduling the personnel roster. mTimeCard enables each employee to individually check in and out on his/her mobile handset at any business location. The clock in system sends an email notifications to registered workers if there are unanticipated delays.

What mTimeCard time tracking software offer?

mTimeCard is very easy and quick to start. It only takes quick online registration and is ready to use. mTimeCard offers multi-platform support for iOS, Android and also is on the web and can be used on any computer. All these versions can track employee hours and collect time tracking on one managers’ account. mTimeCard helps track employee hours and bill only confirmed time and attendance.

Enjoy a 7-day Free Trial Period

You can try mTimeCard for free for 7 days. To continue using the service after this period, you can subscribe to one of our three packages. mTimeCard integrates with the PayPal system to ensure secure financial transactions. Try our time and attendance software here.

How much mTimeCard time tracking costs?

mTimeCard Starter package cost only 29.95 USD per month and we have a 7-day free trial period where you can enjoy the full functionalities of mTimeCard time tracking. Starter Package offers up to 10 employees and unlimited venues. If you need to track more employee hours then choose one of the other packages from the Pricing page.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept all types of credit cards working via PayPal. Your credit card will be automatically billed monthly, according the subscription you have for mTimeCard. Then you can enjoy your time tracking.

Is there any software to install on PC?

No. mTimeCard is web based. All timecard information of the employee clock in is kept on our servers. You can access it from any PC with an internet connection and web browser. The only software that is installed is on the employees phones. Now you can use not only the web portal for administration, but your employees can use our web based Web Clockin to make clock in and clock out without using their phones. They just need internet and a web browser. The mobile app that is installed on the phones is very simple to use and have only functionalities to start time tracking. That’s all.

How can I get support and contact?

You can find mTimeCard easily. Like us at Facebook, follow mTimeCard on Twitter, read news at our Blog and get support in our Knowledge Base.