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8 Ways mTimeCard Can Improve Your Business


Have you been wondering if it is time to replace your old punch clock machine?
There are many advantages of using mTimeCard over a punch clock machine or a “home-grown” time tracking solution. Here are just a few of them:

1. Saved time

mTimeCard saves a great deal of time by automating time tracking and payroll processes for managers and supervisors, allowing quick and easy payroll generation. mTimeCard will show you who you are paying and what you are paying for. Employees simply need to clock in online or via their mobile phone.

2. Saved money

mTimeCard is completely web based. You do not need to purchase expensive hardware. You can access the application from any PC which as an internet connection and web browser. Then you can start monitoring where employees clock in/clock out from by setting specific venues/time clock locations.

3. Staff can clock on the go

One of the biggest advantages of mTimeCard is that it enables online clock in, as well as mobile clock in, allowing employees to be device independent. By installing mTimeCard on their mobile phones, your non-office employees can clock in from virtually any business location. In addition, managers can use GPS tracking to verify the clock in location.

4. You can always view who is clocked in

With mTimeCard, you can easily check who has clocked in online, who is late or who has arrived early. You can also receive email notification for late clock ins and thus follow frequent delays in clock in.

5. Monitor work attendance remotely

You can easily monitor your workforce time and attendance, even when being away from the office. No installation required – you simply need to log in to your mTimeCard account to manage employee clock in online.

6. Manage more with less

mTimeCard allows you to monitor employee clock in, shifts, venues, timesheets and hours worked. You can add as many venues as you need. All your valuable information is conveniently stored in one system.

7. No more shift-related excuses

Isn’t it about time to end late arrivals and other schedule-related time and attendance excuses? mTimecard gives employees and managers access to their shifts and clock in anywhere, anytime. The easy to use mobile application makes it simple for both managers and staff to keep record of their time and attendance.

8. Payroll with QuickBooks Integration

mTimeCard is also integrated with #1 small business accounting software QuickBooks, enabling quick, easy and accurate payroll.
No more need for for manual timekeeping, from time records to work shifts management, mTimeCard will do it for you, saving you a great deal of time and effort while increasing productivity.

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