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Time Tracking and its Effect on Home Improvement Workers


In the last couple of years, the construction industry around the globe has experienced new economic challenges, related to the crisis in most national economies and the collapse of significant property bubbles, including USA, Ireland, Spain, Eastern Europe, China and many others.

Home improvement business, on the other hand, has managed to remain relatively stable. Instead of buying new properties, the majority of American homeowners prefer to refresh what’s already there.

But how has home remodeling managed to remain in high demand?

First of all, home refreshments and little improvements here and there can deliver a brand new look for a house, by being cost efficient at the same time. In addition, home improvement business owners have utilized several management techniques, allowing their business to remain flexible and attractive in the current economic stagnation.

One of these methods is the use of automated time tracking solutions.

According to Construction Excellence (2010), the use of digital time tracking solutions to monitor employee time and attendance can deliver up to 35% saving on time and over 65% increase on productivity. The result is reduced overall cost, increase in employee trust and significant improvement of employee productivity. In addition to these benefits, the contemporary time tracking solutions can also have a positive impact on the environment, as well as less waste of time and resources.

With mTimeCard, managers and supervisors can easily monitor their employees, whatever place need to work at. All they need is to have their mobile phone with them. They can schedule shifts, monitor employee work hours and pay them for the actual hours worked. Even more, payroll hassle gets reduced to a minimum, if not eliminated at all.

But what makes mTimeCard so advantageous for home improvement businesses?

It’s simple: mTimeCard is a win win situation for you and your employees. On one side, with mTimeCard you can be sure you pay your home improvement workers for the time they actually work. On the other hand, you can prove to your employees their time will be paid and there won’t be even a single lost minute- no more confusion, unkept promises and distrust.

At mTimeCard, we know increasing the levels of trust between you and your home improvement workers is crucial for maintaining a stable and reliable workforce. That is why we have created mTimeCard so you can easily track employee hours and attendance and say goodbye to unfair games.

Besides from accurate time entries, correct pay and increased levels of trust and reliability, you will also enjoy better productivity and motivation across your home remodeling teams.

One of our customers, Joe Logan, has shared his incredible success story on how mTimeCard helped him to improve his home remodeling business: “I was looking for a SIMPLE time and location tracking tool to manage mobile employees. I was so relieved to finally find mTimeCard. Being in the construction industry, the tool has to be very simple or it won’t be adopted by anyone. Thanks mTimeCard for knowing and fullfilling what small biz needs.”

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